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There really are a number of reasons that one would want to clean their air ducts. When the ducts are clean it not only increases the overall efficiency of the system, but it could make the system last longer. When ducts are dirty the system has to work harder to produce the proper amount of airflow.

This means that the system works harder and runs longer. This is a process that will cause wear and tear as well as raise your cost of utilities. So, what can one do to keep their ducts clean?

Change The Filter Often

You probably know that the filters are an extremely important part of the HVAC a system, but how meticulous are you when it comes to changing them? Are their times that you find yourself going a week past the filters due date? Well, your filter can only catch so much and if it is already filled with dirt to its max it isn’t going to be able to do its job. This is why you need to make sure that you are regularly changing your filters. Make a note by the thermostat if you have to.

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Consider Filters In The Supply Vents

Did you know that there are filters available for your supply vents as well? That’s right, you can purchase and install filters in your supply vents as well. These items are fairly cheap and easy to install. Simply, cutting them to size and installing them in your supply vents can greatly help reduce contaminants and dirt in the duct system.

Upgrade Your Filter

Are you using the cheapest filters possible? Maybe you are using those see-through blue or green filters. Well, you aren’t doing yourself any favors because these filters just don’t capture as much dirt and debris. Using a filter with a MERV rating of 9 to 12 can really help keep the ducts cleaner.

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