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Have you been contemplating getting a duct cleaning, but this somewhat on the fences? Well, you are at least one step in the right direction. Indoor air quality is extremely important and something that you should consider with the highest regards. That being said in order to understand how you can benefit from a duct cleaning, you need to know how the process works.

Hooking Into The Ducts

When the duct cleaners arrive at your home they are going to kill the power to the duct system so that the system doesn’t come on. Once the system is killed they are going to tap into the supply side of the ductwork. This is where they will hook up a HEPA vacuum. This is not an ordinary vacuum and it is capable of producing large amounts of suction.

Blocking Off The Vents

Once the cleaners have tapped into the ductwork they are going to come into the home and block off all the supply vents except for the furthest away from the unit. The theory is that they are going to work from the furthest vent and push all the dirt and debris in the system back to the beginning of the unit where the HEPA vacuum is located. Blocking off the vents helps increase the overall suction that is being placed on the system.

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Blowing Out The Vents

Once the vents are blocked off the team will enter the home with air powered brushes and start working their way from the first vent to the vent that is located closest to the unit. As they blow out each vent they will also wipe down and clean the registers with a microbial solution that kills mold and pollutants.

Tapping Into The Return Side

Once the team is done with the supply side they will clean the return side of the system in the same manner. And, after that, the team should clean the blower wheel and evaporator coil.

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