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Mold remediation is a serious business and this is why it is always best to hire a certified and professional mold specialist near me when you are dealing with mold. However, when it comes to home mold removal most homeowners don’t fully understand the entire process and everything that it entails.

The first and most basic question that comes to mind for homeowners is, “Can we stay in our home during the removal process?” As with most things, this is usually possible but there are certain situations where it might not be practical or safe to stay in the home.

The Area Affected by Black Mold

The first and most important consideration is the area that is affected. If the kitchen or the bathroom are the only areas of the home that are exposed to mold then it will be difficult to remain in full occupancy. If there is a spare bathroom or you can designate another part of the home to be your backup kitchen then it is possible that you might be able to remain within the confines of your home.

Is The HVAC System Infected?

If the HVAC system is affected and requires remediation during the peak of winter or summer it might be difficult to stay in the home. This is because the system will have to be completely shut down during the remediation process. This might make for some uncomfortable living conditions. However, if you have a lower floor with another HVAC unit then staying in the home might be possible.

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How Extensive Is The Work?

Any number of mold remediation companies will tell you that the main deciding factor or remaining in the home or not will come down to the extensiveness of the removal. If this is just going to be a small black mold removal job then you might be able to acceptably and safely stay in the home. However, if the job is going to be extensive and requires a lot of work it might be advisable to vacate the home. This is because larger jobs can tend to go on for weeks and the disruption of moving out temporarily might be less than the disruption and inconvenience of living around the work in progress.

Consider The Noise

Home mold remediation can be a noisy process as well. There is going to be a constant operation of negative air machines along with dehumidifiers and other equipment. This equipment will need to run around the clock and if you can handle the noise, you might be able to stay in the home.

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