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Uptown Houston

The Uptown Houston was a district that was first formed in 1987 and it was the first district of its kind. It is a political subdivision of the State of Texas that was created by a special act of the 70th Texas Legislature. The area is also sometimes referred to as The Galleria Area and it pretty much is a business district that is located 6.2 miles west of downtown. It is centered along Post Oak Boulevard and Westheimer Road.

Massive In Size

One of the most impressive things about the Uptown area is that it literally is massive in size. In fact, it is a 23.6 million square feet area that is filled with office buildings. This makes the area the 17th largest business district in the United States.

The are is about the same size as downtown Denver and Pittsburgh. There are right around 2,000 companies in the area and it represents more than eleven percent of Houston’s total office space. Although the area is a business district, you can find tons of shopping centers along with various eateries.

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A History Of Uptown Houston

Backed in 1984 before the area was really gentrified Uptown was located 3 miles outside the city limits of Houston and it was referred to as many as lonely and disfigured. At the time, the area was home to many nocturnal animals and boozed up motorists.

Uptown Houston Texas

However, the development increased after Gerald D. Hines and other developers starting developing properties in the area. This was right around the 1960s when such developments took place. By 1987 the area was home to many hotel rooms along with various retail shopping centers.

During this time the area was host to 55,000 employees and had more office spaces than Downtown Atlanta or Downtown Denver. This was quite an improvement from what the area once was.

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