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The Menil Collection

If you are a local of the Houston area, you probably know that the Menil Collection is getting a whole new makeover. In fact, after thirty years of use, the museum’s floor is being restored to the appearance that it had when it first opened in 1987.

Along with this, there are going to be other upgrades like new drywall, enhanced interior, and exterior lighting. Certain fire detection sensors will be updated as well, which really won’t much matter to visitors. During this time the Menil will continue to host public and member programs in auxiliary buildings. The Collection will remain open during regular hours. And, if you want to check the place out there are certain exhibits that will stand out.

Byzantine Fresco Chapel

The Byzantine Fresco Chapel will be located right at the corner of Branard and Yupon Street. It was opened in 1997 and was created by Francois de Menil. He designed the place to house an installation of two 13th century Christian frescoes that were on loan from Cyprus. However, since that time the site has been repurposed to house a number of experimental long-term art exhibits.

The Menil Collection

Bistro Menil

The Bistro Menil is set right between the Menil’s main building and the parking lot. The restaurant serves up a number of tasty dishes that offer flavor and delicacy in every style. You can find classic and contemporary European dishes as well as salads, pizzas, sandwiches, entrees, and light bites.

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Menil Bookstore

The Menil Bookstore really is a gem where visitors can peruse a wide array of catalogs. Catalogs will display and discuss past and present exhibits that have been housed in the Collection. Along with this, there are a number of other popular books and magazines that readers can take in.

The bookstore is located right across the street from the main entrance and isn’t something that you want to miss out on. There are also plenty of tech-forward gifts that visitors can purchase.

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