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Space Center Houston

Nothing says excitement for children and adults alike than a visit to the Space Center Houston. The facility is home to more than 400 artifacts related to space and aviation. Visitors can tour the center seven days a week for a small entrance fee. Children are encouraged to take part in the astronaut program that takes place on Friday and Saturday only. And, everyone is encouraged to participate in a guided tour during their visit.

Take A Tram Ride

Not many tourist destinations, especially the ones that are centered around space, offer tram tours. Well, the Space Center Houston does and it is included in the entrance fee. The tour starts at the main building and goes around the entire campus, before returning to the main building. This is an extremely fun and educational tour that can be enjoyed by all age groups, including seniors and the very young.

Space Center Houston

May Take Two Days

The Space Center Houston is home to hundreds of exhibits that are a must see. Each exhibit has a unique history that dates back to many years ago. There are also plenty of interactive programs for children and the Saturn V rocket and Mars exhibit for adults and older children. Visiting and exploring the center from end to end will take more than a single day. In fact, many former visitors recommend two or even three days if possible. It is also recommended to wear comfortable to avoid sore feet and blisters.

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Live Shows

The Space Center Houston puts on some amazing shows. All visitors are welcome to sit in. The shows are all centered around space and vary in length. When the show is complete, visitors can head over to the café for lunch. The menu is versatile, so there is something for everyone of all ages.

The gift shop features space foods that can be enjoyed as snacks.

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