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Sheldon Lake State Park And Environmental Learning Center

Sheldon Lake State Park in Harris County is home to some of the best fishing in Houston, Texas. In fact, it is some of the locals’ favorite spot to fish and hangout on a lazy day. The park is open to the public seven days a week and easily accessible from both Pineland and Garrett roads.

For locals and tourists looking for some outdoor fun, Sheldon Lake State Park is the place to visit. There is no entrance fee to take advantage of the park’s many resources.

Environmental Learning Center

The Environmental Learning Center at Sheldon Lake State Park is open to the locals and tourists. The center hosts various activities for both adults and children. These activities include wildlife study, fishing, hiking, group programing and birding. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Sheldon Lake State Park And Environmental Learning Center


Sheldon Lake State Park is home to a diverse collection of wildlife, including ducks, birds, squirrels, alligators, spiders and deer. When visiting the park, it is not unusual to see photographers trying to catch an eagle, ibis or heron in action. In fact, the park is very popular among the local photographers. They may even be nestled around one of the dozens of lily ponds or sitting on a park bench trying to decide their next move.

When visiting the park, visitors must take caution when walking along the waterways. Alligators of all sizes can be seen in and around the shoreline basting in the sun.

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Observation Tower

One of the most popular features of the park is the John Jacob observation tower. The tower is 82 feet in height, with an elevator and steps for active visitors. It allows visitors who are willing to scale the tower the opportunity to see the park from way up high. And, visitors that arrive early can view some of the most spectacular sunrises. look at here.

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