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National Museum Of Funeral History

A strange, but fascinating museum located on Barren Springs Drive in Houston Texas, features a large collection of artifacts related to historical funerals. The National Museum of Funeral History is open to the public Monday through Sunday.

For a small entrance fee, visitors can scour through funeral artifacts of the most notable men and women of American history. Visitors are welcome to tour the museum on their own or participate in a guided tour that lasts about three hours.

Celebrity Memorial

Most celebrities leave their mark on society. They gain fan throughout their career, so their legacy never dies. When a famous celebrity dies, thousands of fans will line the streets to say their goodbyes. Celebrities oftentimes leave behind their estates and other assets to be shared among family members.

National Museum Of Funeral History

When it comes to funerals, the family members want to send their family’s possessions to a place where the public can access. These possessions include everything from hearses to coffins. The National Museum of Funeral History is home to thousands of exhibits that can be viewed by the public for a small entrance fee.

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Schools teach students about famous people, such as presidents, senators, civil rights leaders and representatives. During the summer, it is up to the parents to continue this education. Well, the National Museum of Funeral History offers educational tours and exhibits related to famous funerals.

Young children can explore the museum while learning valuable information about the deaths of Popes, celebrities and political figures. Children can also participate in interactive activities, such as writing an epitaph and watch a video.

Pick Up A Souvenir

Once visitors complete their tour of the museum, they can stop in the gift shop to browse through various souvenirs. The gift shop features a decent selection of t-shirts, decorative pieces and other items. There is no doubt that every visitor will find something that piques their interest.

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