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You can speak to any commercial dryer vent cleaning company and they will flat out tell you that most folks don’t give much thought to their dryer air duct. This is truly troubling because not only can a clogged dryer air vent lead to potential risks in the home, but there is a multitude of benefits that come along with keeping your vents lint free.

Of course, a dryer vent cleaning doesn’t just mean keeping the dryer lint trap clean. Sure, this is important and will go a long way to reducing the frequency that you need a dryer vent hose cleaning, but it isn’t enough.

Reduces Runtime And Heat Exposure

When your dryer exhaust vent isn’t clean it means that it is going to take more time and energy to dry those clothes. This means that it will probably take two or three cycles before the clothes are fully dried. Just think of the energy and resources that you are using.

When you get a dryer vent hose cleaning company to clean your dryer vents they will not only clean the lint trap, but they will clean the dryer vent connection as well as the exterior dryer vent. This is going to clear the dryer vent duct and ensure that the dryer dries your clothes faster. This greatly reduces the changes of fires.

Reduces Changes Of Clothes Catching On Fire

Most people don’t know that when their dryer vent line gets clogged it causes the dryer to produce temperatures that are hotter than normal. This means that your clothes inside the dryer are exposed to these increase temperatures.

When your clothes are exposed to this excessive heat it can cause damage. This is especially true if you are dealing with silky and delicate clothing items. The fabric and fibers will simply just break apart due to excess heat. Regular vent line cleaning can prevent such damage and increase the overall life of your clothes. Certain clothes might even catch on fire.

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Reduces Clogs

Every single year there are more and more dryer vent fires reported. This is due to the fact that homeowners aren’t keeping their dryer vent filter and dryer vent pipe clean. Dryer lint is an extremely flammable material and when it builds up in excess just the slightest temperature could cause it to ignite like dry wood.

Cleaners Can Find More Efficient Running Routes

Professional cleaners not only clean your dryer vents, but they can look for other threats. When vents are installed in the most efficient manner possible it can lead to faster clogs. Professional cleaners with the right amount of experience can identify when vents are snaked or kinked and rerun them.

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