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Most homeowners just don’t realize how important the insulation on the ductwork is. This insulation serves the same purpose at the insulation in your attic or crawlspace. It prevents cool and warm air from escaping the ducts and it also prevents sweating or condensation during the summer months.

If your ductwork is looking rather rough and you are looking to give it an upgrade this is something that you can do on your own. Not only will it improve the overall energy efficiency rating of the system, but it will help lower your utility bills.

Gathering Your Materials

Before you set out on the task of insulating your ductwork there are going to be some items that you will need. First, you are going to need goggles to protect your eyes, you will also need some kind of protective clothing like overhauls, and you will need an approved dust mask. In addition to this, you will need R-6 rated insulation along with foil tape. All of the items are things that can be acquired at your local hardware store.

Insulating The Ductwork

Now that you have gathered your supplies, you are ready to start insulating the ductwork. The process is pretty simple. In fact, the whole process is not unlike wrapping a Christmas present. Just make sure that the surface of the existing duct is free of dust, otherwise, you might have a hard time getting the tape to stick. Also, keep in mind that you can simply just place the new insulation over the old insulation. find more

There really is no sense in tearing the old insulation off unless it is just already falling off. It is best to cut the insulation to the width and length of the duct, tape one side, pull tight, and tape the other side. Once you have done this down the length of the duct, you can use the foil tape to completely seal the seam. hop over to duct cleaning houston

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