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Houston Zoo

If you are located in the Houston area and love animals, you simply cannot miss out on the Houston Zoo. An afternoon visit to the zoo is something that the kids will really enjoy. In fact, there simply isn’t an excuse as to why you shouldn’t visit the zoo.

The zoo is home to over six thousand different animals and nine hundred species. The whole area is 55 acres and there literally is something for everyone.

Take Advantage Of The Water Park

The Houston Zoo isn’t just a zoo it is actually home to a water park. And, this is something that will come in extremely handy during summer visits. The 13,500 -square-foot water park admittance is included with the zoo admission and there are a number of water features and fountains that are perfect for tackling that troublesome Texas heat.

Houston Zoo

The park is open from 10 am to 6 pm from April 1st to October 30th and is located right near the Medical Center Entrance.

Don’t Forget The Giraffes

Feeding the giraffes will be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of the whole visit. The feeding platform really allows you and the kids to get up close and personal with these tamed animals. You can offer the giraffes snacks and watch as they reach their long necks out and snatch them away. However, you should know that feeding times are only between 11 am and 2 pm and it will cost you an additional seven dollars.

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Other Things You Need To Know About The Houston Zoo

To help make your trip more enjoyable and easier here are some other things you need to know. The admission for children one and under are free. Tickets for ages 2 – 11 are $15 and adults will be charged $19. All-day passes are available for $19.95 per person and they include a nice little bracelet that you can keep as a souvenir.

Zoo hours are 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. And, certain attractions and exhibits are only open during certain hours, so if you have a specific task in mind, you mind want to check out the official website before your visit.

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