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Bayou Bend Collection And Gardens in Houston

If you are looking for fun and educating things to do in Houston, you simply have no better option than the Bayou Bend Collection And Gardens. The Bayou Bend is the former home of Houston philanthropist Ima Hogg.

The grounds are now home to the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum is home to what is considered one of the premier air collection in the country. These certainly are a number of rare and beautiful items that you can check out here. Some items even date as far back as 1620 to 1876. Such pieces are installed throughout the 1920s mansion is 28 different period room settings.

A Little History

It was Will Hogg that decided to donate the land to the City of Houston. His siblings Mike and Ima would later commission an architect by the name of John F. Staub to build the Bayou Bend. This was intended to be a home for Ima.

Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

During the construction phase of the ground, Ima worked side by side with Staub as she wanted a Latin Colonial feel that would provide a suitable setting for the extraordinary antiques that were going to be housed here. When you view the ground, you will see that they hit the nail right on the head. She donated the Bend to the museum in 1957 but continued to live on the grounds until 1965.

The Murphy Room

In the Murphy Room, you will find a wonderful gallery of furnishings that are dated back to the 17th and 18th century. The room certainly evokes a colonial past.

The Pine Room

Just about everything located in the Pine Room can be dated back to the Early Baroque era. However, there are a few pieces that reflect the Late Baroque style. This is one style that was extremely popular in America from 1730 to 1760.

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