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David Adickes Studio

When one thinks Houston it is incredibly hard not to associate the feeling with David Adickes. And, this is because he is one of the most iconic artists to come out of the area. He has been around for a long time and plans to continue sticking around.

In fact, when he turned ninety last January friends and family been to suggest that the retire. Do you know how he responded? He simply said, “The last I checked my tires I have about 30,000 miles left.”

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The Work That Started It All

David is an artist to a number of exciting works and it is hard to say which is the most well know, but there is one that started his descent into fame. And, this was his 67-foot, cement and steel statue of Sam Houston. The statue found its home right off the I-45 in Huntsville.

He is also known for his 44 gigantic heads that depict the United States presidents, the 36-foot Beatle band members, the giant cello downtown, and his We Love Houston sign. Oh, don’t forget about the Mount Rush Hour.

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David Adickes Studio

Scaling Back

The artist certainly has an energetic side to home and wants to continue going for as long as he can, but he has come to the realization that he needs to scale back. This is why his studio on Nance Street is set to be demolished as part of the expansion and rerouting of I-45 downtown.

Unfortunately, he has decided that after this he will no longer continue to create his larger than life sculptures, but he will continue his painting practice in his nearby home.

How Adickes Got His Start

Adickes got his start by studying art in the City of Light as well as spending some years abroad before he returned to his hometown of Houston. He came back during the ’60s and took a trip to the San Francisco area. He was completely captivated by the swirling images projected on the walls of the Big Brother and the Holding Company at Fillmore Auditorium and this is what drove him to create what he has created today.

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