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Bear Creek Pioneers Park

Before 1940, Houston was repeatedly flooded. To remedy this issue, the United States Army Corps of Engineers created the Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

Although the park was primarily created to fight to flood, it has become an extremely popular tourist destination. People from all over the world visit the park each year to take advantage of the resources.

Great For Picnicking

There just aren’t enough places in Houston for picnicking. In fact, many of the city’s green spaces have limitations, leaving little room for picnicking.

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Fortunately, the Bear Creek Pioneers Park has picnic areas that can accommodate both small and large crowds. Picnic tables in isolated areas and pavilions with plenty of parking is available to locals and tourists seven days a week. Most of the picnic tables have grills for barbecuing.

Small Zoo

Children love animals of all sizes, but many do not get the opportunity for hands-on experiences. Well, the officials at the Bear Creek Pioneers Park has a small zoo with American Bison, birds and other wildlife. Visitors can interact with most of the animals on any given day.


There is nothing more exhilarating than a game of baseball on a Sunday evening. Even better is when a number of people are there to participate.

The Bear Creek Pioneers Park has a very nice baseball field, one that can be utilized for practice and competitions. The park also features tennis courts and knocker ball.

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Rarely Congested

Escaping the city congestion is something everyone dreams of from time to time. Well, there is no better place to visit during these times than the Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

With little to no congestion, visitors can roam freely through the park. Spend time relaxing on one of the park benches or leisurely take a walk through the woodsy areas. The park has something for everyone, especially those who enjoy animals and the outdoors.

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